EOTECH Launches the Vudu X Series Rifle Scopes

EOTECH, the world leader in Holographic Weapon Sights, is proud to announce the introduction of the Vudu X line of premium rifle scopes. The X Series rifle scopes are designed to meet the demands of the outdoor enthusiast. Whether it’s 3-gun, hunting, or recreational shooting, the Vudu X scopes can make that critical shot.

Starting from a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum and finished with the high-quality AR-coated glass, the Vudu X rifle scopes are ultra-tough and crystal clear. Introductory models feature a second focal plane optic design allowing for quick and accurate targeting at all magnification levels, and its illuminated reticle will let you take that shot during the difficult low-light hours of dawn and dusk.

“We developed the X series line of Vudu scopes to address the shooter that wants all of the accuracy, precision and durability of our legacy Vudu scopes, but with features and a price that better match their needs” said Mark Miller, Director of Product Management for EOTECH. “We have put in a lot of work in the designs of these scopes and as always, we ran them through the same excruciating testing that our other Vudu and holographic products go through. We are confident these will exceed expectations”.

The Vudu X rifle scopes are available in 1-6×24 and 2-12×40 models. Both offer 30mm tube diameter, illuminated reticles powered by a CR2032 battery, and a removable throw lever for quick transitions across the magnification range. Available in MOA adjustments, the DP1 reticle provides the ultra-popular duplex crosshair while the BD1 provides additional circular ballistic holds at 2MOA increments for longer distances. The turrets are capped to avoid any accidental adjustments and provide a simple zero reset feature making adjustments and return to zero fast and easy. Branded front and back flip-up scope caps are included to provide protection against the elements. Production and delivery are scheduled to begin in Q1 2024. MSRP starts at $799.

For more information, please visit www.eotechinc.com